Nelson Mandela Day | Esihle Solutions

The 18th of July marked the birthday of South Africa’s favourite heroes and presidents, Nelson Mandela. On this day people all over the world dedicate their time to giving back to the communities they live around.

To some people, giving back means donating clothes, food, books, sanitary products.This day is about spending time with the elderly or children in orphanages. Whatever you may decide to do, the main aim of this day is to promote Ubuntu. It’s not just about the 67 minutes, it’s about building a harmonious, kind and peaceful world.

As Esihle Solutions, we spent the day giving out books at Olievenhoutbosch Christian School, and donating groceries to Olievenhoutbosch Disabled Organisation.The whole experience had all of the employees on a time machine back to the good old days of being young and innocent.